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In June 2005 Jason was joined by newcomer Lourdes Arango for a 450 NM pedal in Moksha from Darwin, Northern Australia to Dili in East Timor. At this point Moksha's builder and veteran of the Tarawa to Solomon's crossing Christopher Tipper and ex-Coral Sea campaigner April joined in to make up a 4-person team to kayak and bike the 3,000 miles up the island archipelago to Singapore.

The entire journey took 6-months, arriving in Singapore November 17th after a near catastrophic first attempt to cross the Straits of Singapore in which one of the kayaks capsized in rough seas, depositing the 2-person crew in a 6-knot tidal stream and in the middle of the world's busiest shipping lane! Managing to avoid passing supertankers, thanks mainly to the cool head of the support craft skipper (thank goodness we had one this time...) all souls were saved and lived to tell the tales.

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